Portable VMware Lab Preview Pictures

Welcome to my new blog! I am working on a detailed post for the Portable VMware Lab that my fellow IT guys and I put together for work. In the meantime here are a two pictures of the finished project.

I have wanted to obtain a three host lab cluster for quite some time so that the employees of the IT Division at work can have some gear to train on and learn on. I thought it would be cool to come up with a self-contained, portable lab, and so we dug out an old shipping container that used to house some old water meter reading equipment. In fact, we were able to re-purpose, or obtain for free everything in the lab except for the Intel NUC units, the Ubiquiti switch, and the UniFi Access Point.

Re-purposed shipping container front

I am pleased with how the finished product turned out.

Angled View of Lab low light for LEDs

I will put together a detailed build post as soon as I can to document the process.

Follow up post: Portable Training Lab Physical Build